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Cable assembly

  • Individual assembly solutions for each industry
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Why Dataflex Belgium?

Highest quality


Bespoke distribution

Thinking in terms of solutions



Dataflex has been an active partner in assembly solutions for our customers for over 33 years. We have a wide and versatile range of cables and connectivity solutions for many applications.

Custom made

Do you need a special custom made cable for your product? Ask the Dataflex experts and we will design and assemble your customized cable.


All cable assembly's

  • Wide range of applications
  • RJ45, USB, HDMI, Fiber Optic, Power, M12
  • Circulair M12 to RJ45
  • IP67 en IP68


The service oriented support of Dataflex Belgium distinguishes us from other wholesalers and contributes to delivering added value. We build real partnerships, in which we look beyond the experience of the direct customer and also look at the experience of your end customer.

Benefit from our years of experience. We are able to offer the most efficient and sustainable cable solution.


Fiber optics



Our experts will gladly help you choose the right cable



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DataFlex Belgium Ninoofsesteenweg 920 B-1703 Schepdaal Belgium +32 2 569 74 78


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