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About Dataflex

In the 33 years of Dataflex’s existence, we have specialized in importing, distributing and developing connectivity products in the area of connector and cable connections for signal, low voltage and data transfers.

In addition to distributing standard materials such as connectors and standard cables from leading suppliers, developing and producing customer-specific solutions is part of our thinking strategy. Over the years we have built up an exstensive portfolio and realized many great projects. At the request of our customers we have been involved in the development of various hardware and total solutions and projectmanagement of projects in the field.

For the telecommunication industry we offer connectors, standard and customized assemblies and hardware for copper and fiber applications.


Since 1988 we are a reliable partner for connectors, standard cables and all kinds of assemblies for the electronic and telecom industry. Our program consists of 30 worldwide 1st class manufacturers whose products are complementary so that we can offer the widest range of connectors.

Over time we have received several awards including:

  • 1993 – Nominated for start-up of the year;
  • 1996 – Plato award;
  • 1997 – Quality on time award Alcatel;
  • 1998 – Award for growth by Chamber of Commerce;
  • 2014 – Dataflex Monitor Arms en Led mounts, spacers, montage clips.

Why Dataflex Belgium?

33 years experience

Strong technical knowledge and support

Highest quality standards

Thinking along in solutions

Product development and manufactoring

Stock and logistic services


In the beginning Dataflex concentrated mainly on connectors, due to market demand we later specialized in manufacturing cables as components for various applications such as coaxial, data and low voltage.

More and more the company focused on the production of ready-made solutions for the customer, through which we now also realize total projects.

Gradually, we have been able to bring a lot of things to a nice result such as projects for tram and bus, security and personal identification together with our customers

  • 2013 iWLAN intelligence for the buses and trams;
  • 2014 VICOM hardware and cabling of public transport trafficlight controls;
  • 2015 Camera security City of Mechelen;
  • 2018 Collaboration for manufacturing identification modules Scan-U.

Curious about what Dataflex can do for you?

For over 33 years specialized in importing, distributing, thinking along and developing connectivity products.

DataFlex Belgium Ninoofsesteenweg 920 B-1703 Schepdaal Belgium +32 2 569 74 78


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